( The wheels division of Rhondhu Stud )

  • Mack Titan Primemover 600HP 140T
  • Western Star Primemover 600HP 140T
  • Scania Bogie 27' Bodytruck 440HP 100T
  • 6 Deck Boat Trailer Unit, for carting cattle
  • Single Deck Boat Trailer, for carting cattle & horses
  • 3 Flat Top Boat Trailers, for carting hay
  • Quad Spread Low Loader, 60T for carting Earthmoving gear
  • CAT 980C Loader with 3.6m bucket
  • CAT 17K/12E Grader with 12' blade
  • John Deere 260 Bobcat with 3m Jackhammer Post Driver
  • Other Bobcat attachments - Trench Digger, Post Hole Digger
  • Contract Fencing

Even though our home is 'Grass Hut', our base varies depending on where we are at the time. Contract Mustering often takes us far from home and therefore our work and clientele is variable.

We both drive, and regularly cart cattle and hay, predominantly in the areas where we are working at the time. Most of our work is generated between Mount Isa and Townsville, and in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Our 2 Primemovers are used for carting up to 6 decks of cattle, both on long trips and station weaner carting and up to 3 trailers of hay. We generally cart 186 round bales on 3 trailers. The Low Loader is based at 'Grass Hut', and has a 29.5T payload, or more with a permit. We use it mainly to cart earthmoving machinery for mines and local contractors. The Scania Bodytruck and Single Deck Trailer can cart nearly 2 decks, and is great for smaller jobs, or difficult roads. We use it a lot when we're Contract Mustering, where it usually is loaded with 14 horses, pulling the Single Deck with 20 horses, and our Gooseneck with 11 horses, allowing us to cart up to 45 horses in one load.

The 980C Loader is huge, and there is no job too big for it. It also has a set of rippers, and is great for pushing fencelines and building dams. The Grader is old, but very well maintained, and is a mighty workhorse for local station road grading. The Bobcat is mostly used for fencing and yard building, which we also do under contract if required.  It is fitted with a Jackhammer Postdriver, which easily drives 3M posts into some very tough ground. We can sight and drive posts with it as straight as you can cement them in, and in about 1/4 of the time! We also have a generator operated Jackhammer Picket Driver, which assists us in putting up fence in a very short time.

None of our gear works intensively at any one time. We are very fussy on maintainance and operation of all of our gear, and therefore we only take job bookings that fit into our program, so we can operate or drive our gear oursleves.

We also take a huge pride in the work we do, so whether it be carting cattle, grading roads or building fences, we want to do the job right, and we want the client to be happy, and we feel we can only uphold that reputation if we do it ourselves as much as possible. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries you may have.