If no rain
Mare & Foal
We prefer only to stable when rqd for breeding & scanning, unless requested. Wet and dry mares are kept separate.Stabled Full Feed
Breed & Scan days
Grass & Lick
In between Scans
Grass Hay & Feed
Think 2012 will be Ok
Stable, Yard, Pdk
< 3mnths add 15%
> 3mnths add 20%


1st Collection
2nd +
Further rebreeds
(Price includes arranging delivery, collection, processing and travel)$330$330All $265$330
 Please note; we ship for NEXT DAY delivery x the Townsville airport.
Air Freight On Semen At cost + above
 At Cost +above At Cost +above At Cost +above


 Stallion Annual Standing Fee
 Paid at or prior to delivery to Rhondhu Stud
 Stallion Website Advert Annual Fee On our Website. No limit on pedigree, photos & notes $1100 PA
 Stallion Agistment Stabled or Day Pen, rugged and on full feed. $27.50/day
 Test batch of semen Before any semen sent, tester collected and analysed $465
 Every outside mare bred
 Natural or AI, paid on mares bred, not mares PTIF $220
 Collection Fee Can be On-Charged to the a/c of the mare owner $330
 Outside mares for outside stallions
 All Fees charged to Mare owner at normal mare rates 
 Deliver semen to the airport, if a special trip is required $150 / trip
 Collect & Deliver Horses 2 horses or less on horsefloat. $250 / trip
 ex Townsville / Horse Carriers
 3 horses + on body truck. $330 / trip
 Travel to T/V VET, for AI and ET work  For taking outside mares for AI and ET work at Vet $250 / trip
 Vet Costs & Drugs - as necessary Reinvoiced at cost plus GST At Cost
 Worming - compulsory on arrival Thereafter every 6 weeks. Reinvoiced at cost plus GST At Cost
 Sprays for Flies/ ticks etc.. Sprayed on arrival, then as necessary. $5.50 / spray
 Foot Trims If necessary, especially if untrimmed on arrival. $44 / trim
 Foal Handling Fee If necessary for injury only, prefer foals pre-handled. $110 / foal
 Foaling out Fee 24 hr surveillance Monitored 24/7, wears foaling alarm until foal suckles $660
 Foaling out Fee 12 hr surveillance Monitored day & early evenings, no alarm, see foal a.m. $330
 Ultrasound Scans at STUD For Follicles, Fluid, Ovulation, Pregnancy etc.. $27.50 / scan
 Mare Management Fee For all mares bred at stud. Covers ALL scans, services,
fresh AI at stud, preg tests for duration of stay.
 $330 flat rate
 Fresh AI (T/V Vet) Mare Set up Fee
 Covers 2 cycles, all scans, synchronising & preg tests. $330 / 2 cycles
 Frozen AI (T/V Vet) Mare Set up Fee
 Covers 1 cycle,  24hr scans, synchronising & preg tests $330 / 1 cycle
 Embryo Transfer & Recip Mare Fee
 Inc Mare Fee + 1 cycle ET, 24hr synch. of donors/recips $550 each mare
 Outside mare to Outside Stallion
 Annual Fee paid at or prior to delivery $265 / mare


Booking Fee is payable at booking, and before or at arrival of mare/s. Agistment & other fees payable every 30 days, or before mare/s leave. Service Fee is payable at owners choice of 30 or 45 days positive Preg test. All invoices are payable within 7 days, after which they become overdue. Overdue invoices are charged at 14% from the day they became overdue. Invoices are payable in cash, by cheque, EFT, BPAY or Internet Transfers. Prior to breeding only, arrangements can be made to pay off accounts. Breeding certificates generated in April 2012 only.