Rhondhu Stud is proud to be offering an OUTSIDE BREEDING SERVICE to clients.

For immediate enquiries please email us at [email protected] 

  • You DO NOT have to use our stallions OR our mares
  • Stallion Depot : Natural breeding, Semen collection and AI
  • STAND your stallion at our stud, and let us do the hard work for you
  • ADD your mares to our site to offer as donors 
  • ADD your stallions to our site for semen
  • ADD your stallions to our site for advertising
  • ADD your vet clinic as an embryo transfer facility
  • USE our mares already on our site
  • Offering a fully comprehensive AI & Embryo set up service
  • Preparing mares for donoring, breeding, transfers and AI
  • Working in conjuction with Townsville Vet Clinic
  • Linking purchasers to breeders, trainers and vets
  • Breeding contracts and all info will be online
  • Creating access to an awesome pool of embryo genetics
  • Developing a future for the export of embryos & semen.