Our Competition Horses

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Due to our busy lifestyle, we only attend 4-6 drafts a year at this stage, but we thoroughly enjoy the ones we get to. More often than not, we win the majority of the Cut Outs, and have a good showing in the finals and placings.
Our Competition Mares are also our personal Workhorses, and we get just as much pleasure from just riding good mares like this in a work or home practice situation, as in a competition.
We envisage to attend more Campdrafts to promote our horses to their fullest potential, and to improve our own drafting, but our lifestyle and work morals mean that 'work always comes first'.
We are now offering discerning breeders access to some of our Competition Mares for Embryo Transfer programs, and you can contact us if that interests you at all.
Generally speaking, Barry's Mares do not have a natural foal until they are finished their Campdrafting career, however Liz often breeds her mares every 2-3 years for a foal.
In the pedigrees, any underlined name or number will give you a direct link to that horse on their relevant Society Website.
Our up and coming competition horses are also listed on this page, even if they are not ready to compete yet.